Friends of Heavier Than Air Family Theater By-Laws

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Article I: Name: The name of the organization shall be Friends of Heavier Than Air Family Theatre also known as FOHTAFT.

Article II: Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to support family theatre in South King County through funding and in-kind services to support Heavier Than Air Family Theatre Co. programs and activities.

Article III: Membership: Membership is open to all persons, 18 and older, regardless of race, religion,sex, age, or national origin.

Article IV: Meetings There shall be a minimum of one (1) General Membership meeting each year, at a time set by the Board of Directors. The election of directors and officers shall take place at this meeting.
The Secretary shall announce the date and time of the meeting, not later than fourteen (14) days prior to each General Membership meeting.

A special General Membership meeting shall be called by the President at any time at the request of the majority of the Board of Directors or the written request of ten percent (10%) of the members, whichever is the greater number.

A quorum of the General meeting is ten percent (10%) or eight (8) members whichever is greater.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least six (6) times a year. All members are welcome at the meetings.

Article V: Officers: The officers of the Friends of Heavier Than Air Family Theatre are the Co-Presidents, Co-Secretaries and Treasurer who shall comprise the Executive Board. The Executive Board is empowered to make decisions when a majority of Board members cannot convene and when the response / decision cannot wait until the next Board meeting.

The term of office shall be two (2) years. Term of office will begin in the month following election to office.

In the event that any officer position is vacated, the Board of Directors shall appoint a person to fill the position who shall serve until the next election.

A Board member can be removed by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article VI: Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall consist of the Co-Presidents C0- Secretaries, Treasurer and a minimum of five (5) Members at Large. The then current board of directors will determine the number of members at large. The Members at Large will be elected for two (2) years. Quorum is defined as a majority of the seated Board positions. Board decisions, except as provided otherwise herein, shall require a majority of those voting.

Article VII: Duties of Officers: One of the Co-Presidents shall preside at all General Membership meetings, shall preside at all Board meetings, and shall appoint members to committees.

One of the Co-Secretaries shall arrange for Board meetings and shall keep all records of the meetings.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records of financial accounts for the organization and for reporting status of finances at Board and General Membership meetings.

Article VII: Membership and Fiscal Year: The membership year shall be from October 1 st to September 30th. The fiscal year shall be from January 1 st to December 31st, the theatre season.

Membership: A member shall be a person who has put their name on the roster and actively participated in a production, served as a board member, or worked on a committee in the preceding 12 months.

All members are eligible to vote.

Membership questions shall be determined by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Article XI: Amendments: Proposed amendments to the Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least one month in advance of any General Membership meeting. Amendments must receive approval of a majority of the Board before being submitted to the membership at a General Membership meeting. The proposed amendment shall be sent to all members two (2) weeks prior to the General Membership meeting scheduled for the vote. An amendment must receive a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting members present to be accepted.

Adopted as the amended Bylaws of Friends of Heavier Than Air Family Theatre, on this ______day of ___________________, _________.

Friends of Heavier Than Air Family Theatre

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