Important Update

Due to increased concerns and physical distancing guidance surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Washington State Department of Health has authorized an extension of the modified criteria for classroom training, effective 3/11/20 through 12/31/20. This temporary policy will be evaluated again 12/7/20.  

New classroom trainings can be submitted to Washington Certification Services (WCS) for evaluation using the existing format. The course can then be given via webinar until this temporary remote training policy expires. Sponsors may give trainings in person at any time while following physical distancing restrictions.

Proposed trainings must be at least 3 hours long to be eligible for CEU consideration. Online training content may be presented in short installments over several days to avoid arduous training sessions. Students must be present and participate in the entire training to receive CEUs.

Course sponsors interested in delivering in-person conference, seminar, or workshop content via webinar should contact WCS directly for potential online options (


Temporary Remote Training Policy:

Due to increased concerns and “social distancing” guidance surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Washington State Department of Health has authorized modified criteria for classroom training, effective 3/11/20 through 12/31/20.

During this time, approved classroom training may be administered via webinar or other remote learning methods. Modified training criteria requires:

  • Instructors periodically monitor students via webcam or continuous teleconference

  • Instructors ask a course related question once per hour, to which each student must respond

In addition to regular required documentation submitted to Washington Certification Services, trainers are required to submit:

  • All questions asked to students and at what times the questions were asked

  • What method of technology was used (software program, teleconference equipment, etc.)

Newly proposed online courses are required to use the pre-existing approval method and must meet all approval requirements to receive a CEU award.

Training Course Sponsors

What's New

Electronic submittals are now accepted.  See our Electronic Submittal Policy for more information.


Sponsors can now add a link to your training on our website.  Contact WCS for more information.

The Department of Health (DOH) is responsible for administering the Waterworks Operator Certification Program and has established the regulations, policies and guidelines for the professional growth requirement for certified operators. Washington Certification Services at Green River College manages the professional growth program through specific contract objectives utilizing the criteria established by DOH.

DOH requires that classroom training used to meet a waterworks operator’s professional growth requirement for renewal, or education requirement for certification, have Continuing Education Units (CEU) assigned either by Washington Certification Services or by the training course sponsor. DOH also accepts relevant college credit awarded by an accredited college or university. Contact hours, professional development hours (PDH), or other forms of accreditation will not be accepted.

CEU assigned to classroom training by the course sponsor may be accepted if it is based on a formal evaluation process following the minimum guidelines established by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
The training must also meet the guidelines and procedures established by DOH.