Waterworks Operators

Distance Education

Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has special procedures that operators must follow when enrolling in or completing distance education. Examples of types of distance education (self-study) are:

  • Online (Computer-Based)
  • Correspondence Course (Paper and Pencil)
  • CD-ROM
  • Video Tape

Only distance education courses pre-approved by DOH or completed for college credit through an accredited college or university may be submitted for evaluation toward the waterworks operator professional growth requirement. All courses must be completed following the Department’s Distance Education Approval and Examination Procedure.  Monitored, closed-book exams are required if successful course completion is determined by passing an examination/s.

The Continuing Education Units (CEU) accepted in Washington for some courses may be different than the CEU awarded by the sponsor. To ensure that you receive credit for a distance education course, you should review the following documents carefully prior to enrolling in or completing any type of distance education.