Please check our examination schedule to view open certification examinations. Due to regulations and restrictions surrounding COVID19, our schedule is limited. Continue to check our schedule for updated examination information.

If you are currently eligible to take the BAT Certification written exam, please check AMP's website for current information.

Emailing WCS at to inquire about BAT exams will be the fastest and most efficient way to get a hold of us during this time.

Backflow Assembly Tester

Certification Program

Washington Certification Services at Green River College in Auburn administers the state of Washington Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) certification program and practical examination. The program follows regulations, policies and procedures established by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) in cooperation with the Waterworks Operator Certification Advisory Committee. DOH is responsible for oversight of the BAT certification program and for enforcement activities. 

To become certified as a BAT in Washington an applicant must pass the two-part BAT certification examination. Washington does not have reciprocity with other states’ BAT certification programs or examinations. A high school diploma or GED« is the only prerequisite to apply to take a BAT certification examination. Training and experience are not required.

To maintain a valid certification, BATs are required to pay an annual renewal fee established by DOH. To demonstrate continued competency, certified BATs must also meet a professional growth requirement by passing a professional growth examination during each designated reporting period.