Backflow Assembly Tester

Employers of Backflow Assembly Testers

The Washington State Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) Certification Program is focused on the certification of individuals that inspect, test, and/or monitor backflow prevention assemblies. The program does not certify backflow-related companies or employers of BATs. As a result, all examination and certification-related information and communication are directed only to the individuals that apply for and maintain certification as a BAT.

BATalk is an electronic newsletter published quarterly and distributed to certified Backflow Assembly Testers (BAT). Employers and utility staff can view archived editions to learn more about Washington State's BAT certification program and the backflow industry.

Classroom Training

Department of Health (DOH) requires applicants for the BAT certification examination to have a high school diploma or GED®. Training and experience are not required to apply for a BAT certification or professional growth examination and DOH does not endorse any training course or sponsor.

 Applying for and paying for a BAT examination does not enroll anyone in a training course, nor are BAT examinations in Washington administered as a part of any training course. Examinations are not cancelled due to cancellation of a training activity. See Apply for a BAT Certification Examination or Apply for a BAT Professional Growth Examination for transfer and cancellation policies.

It is highly recommended that any person interested in becoming certified as a BAT complete an appropriate training course. Applicants that want to attend training prior to taking an examination should contact the BAT training sponsor of their choice and select a course that most closely meets their needs. Attending a training course is not a guarantee that an applicant will pass the examination.


For examples of the types of questions that will be covered on the computer-based examination, view ABC's Sample Exam Questions for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.

Applicants can also view a demonstration of ABC's computer-based examinations at Experience ABC's Computerized Exams.

To practice navigating within the computer-based testing environment before an examination date, a free online computer-based testing is available. Go to the LXR Store and follow the instructions to access a Sample Web Test.

Applicants may use the BAT Exam References as self-study material.

The most current BAT Certification Application or BAT Professional Growth Application must be:

  • Received with the fee at the Washington Certification Services office by the posted application deadline date
  • Completed and signed by the individual applying for the examination

An application cannot be accepted:

  • If WCS receives it after the posted application deadline date
  • If it is incomplete or the fee is not included
  • Without the applicant's original signature (photocopies are not accepted)
  • Without the applicant's home mailing address, email address, and home phone number

Employers of BATs may choose to pay BAT examination fees, or other BAT-related fees for their employees. This is an agreement between an employer and an employee and does not infer any additional rights to the employer related to an individual’s BAT application or certification.

The personal and examination information we obtain through this program is available only to the individuals we certify.  However, companies may check the certification status of individuals they employ by:

  • Asking the individual for a copy of the renewal validation card issued to them at the time of certification or certification renewal
  • Checking the BAT Certification Status Report
  • Contacting Washington Certification Services

Water Purveyors

WAC 246-290-490 specifically requires water purveyors to ensure the inspection and testing of backflow assemblies that protect the public water system.

Backflow Assembly Testers (BAT) are responsible for inspecting and testing backflow assemblies and accurately recording the results of their field tests on assembly test report forms.

If a purveyor suspects a BAT of fraudulent testing on an assembly that protects the public water system, it is the responsibility of the purveyor to take appropriate action to address the problem.

For more information view Water Purveyor Responsibilities of Backflow Assembly Testing